Individual Membership in the Wilkes Genealogical Society is only $20.00 per year, payable by January 1st. of each new year to the Society's Treasure. Please make checks out to the Wilkes Genealogical Society, Inc. There are numerous benefits in joining the Society. These include: Receiving four copies of the WGS Bulletin per year. Free Queries to be placed in the WGS Bulletins. Locating the names and addresses of other researchers interested in like families, and having a place to put your heritage information. Volunteer opportunities in your interest areas.
If you jont the wgs from now thu feb 2018 you will receive a free vol 2 heritage book if you come in and pick it up, or for $8.00 we can mail it to you.
If we mail it and you joint cost will be $28.00

For a membership form, please click on the graphic:

Copy, complete and return the form to Wilkes Genealogical Society, Inc., PO Box 1629, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659. Please make all checks payable to Wilkes Genealogical Society, Inc. Since the WGS Bulletins are only mailed out four times during the year, you will receive any back issues due you in the next bulk mailing of the WGS Bulletins in relationship to the time you have joined the Society  

Volunteer Workers Needed
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  • Desire someone to record information into a computer.
  • Looking for an artist that can draw some items for the WGS.
  • Donating your genealogy materials is a win/win situation for all concerned. It enhances the holding of the local genealogy society, it provides a safe haven for your materials, and it enhances genealogy research by many people for generations to come. As people get older, there is often a concern as to what to do with the large volume of genealogy materials that they have spent years of acquiring. A general rule of thumb would be to donate the materials to a genealogy society/library who can best care for it. Furthermore, funds could also be provided for such items as transporting the materials, purchasing file cabinets for the collection, etc. If you have materials to donate, please contact the person in charge of your local genealogy society/library to obtain their permission to place your materials in their care. Then, make sure your materials are in good order before they are donated.

    1.  A list or index of all the specific items that are being donated, with the name, address, telephone number and email address of the person who is donating the materials.  This information should be in a notebook with the paper in a plastic sleeve.
    2.  All materials should be grouped together – Books, Computer Disks/Pen Drives, CDs, File Folders, Pictures, Misc., etc.
    3.  All like materials should be filed in labeled folders, notebooks, etc. and placed in alphabetical order.
    4.  Notify your family members and other related organizations about where your materials are available.

    There are also certain requirements that you may desire to expect of the local genealogy society/library that you have chosen to receive your materials. You or your family should receive a thank-you note pertaining to your donation. Furthermore, the materials should remain in an attractive collection of the name of your choice and a date on a sign (The Jane Doe Genealogy Collection – 1900 - 2005), the materials should remain under lock and key when not in use, your family is to be notified if something happens to the collection, etc. By: Hazel Roche’

    For a visual tour of the materials located in the Genealogy Room in the Wilkes County Library in downtown North Wilkesboro, NC,

    please click Here